Vulnerable Children



 We solicit sponsors to fund the education of a child on an on-going basis.

 There are no government schools in the city centre, but only private ones and many

children are unable to attend because of the lack of funds.  In the process we establish

contact with the home, do a proper investigation of the circumstances and then negotiate with the school concerned.  A specific child is linked to a specific sponsor to whom we supply basic details of the child and keep them informed of both their educational and domestic situations.  In the process we can also access the schools as we have already done, and provide further meaningful help and input into the lives of the children.  Currently we have a team of workers being trained in this area.


 Food Parcels

  Having established a proper contact and relationship with the needy family,

we seek to provide food parcels on a regular basis, thus supplying not only the child but also other needy    members in the house.

 These distributions have been done in the City centre as well as Grasmere.  To the latter we have also been able to deliver additional loads of food either donated to us or purchased by us where we were aware of additional pressing needs. 

 Currently there are over 150 children involved at Grasmere and Eikenhof and more than 30 in the centre of the City.

 We are being limited by lack of funds but our objective is to deliver parcels containing mealie meel, maltabela porridge, oil, sugar, tea or coffee, rice, pasta, toothpaste and toothbrush as well as soaps.  The quantities should be such as that one box should last a single person for some four to five weeks. Due to insufficient funds we are unable to do more and provide food parcels for all these children.



 We provide meals, currently sponsored by Grace Journeys to vulnerable children living in the Eikenhof/ Grasmere area. They are bussed to a farm every Sunday, by Grace Journeys, where they receive a good cooked meal. We then have different teams working with these children. There are lessons given and time is afforded to play different games with them. Through these means relationships are built and we endeavour to help the children cope with life which they never asked for, nor deserved as all are victims of either HIV or poverty or both. The children often are from child-run households so self-discipline and social skills are lacking. So it is a very trying task for the workers. We would love to be able to run a food parcel distribution program to these children but in order to do so a large capital outlay would be needed to lay infrastructure, buy equipment etc before actual roll-out of food would be possible.


 Soccer Clubs

  We have had two of our members trained on how to coach children in soccer. They were taught not only how to train the children soccer skills but also how through the medium of soccer to teach life-skills. This we are trying to implement with the children from Project 4 (Eikenhof feeding). We are, as funds permit, looking also to run these soccer clubs in less fortunate schools in the Grasmere area. Once these are up and running we would look at the possibility of raising sponsorships for soccer kits. Donors will be kept informed of this project.



 Children’s Clubs



We run holiday clubs in three areas namely Johannesburg central,

Grasmere as well as Eikenhof thus establishing closer ties with the children teaching them games,

giving meals at that time as well as investing in their spiritual lives.


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