Present Achievements

            Go Siza Isizwe has been operating only since the beginning of 2007 and all the activities which it now undertakes were taken over from Gospel Outreach. So we will share only of its achievements over the past year. Some of these records are not as accurate as one would have liked, but more control measures have been implemented to better monitor our achievements.

 In 2007 we were donated a stand at the prestigious Hobby X Expo held at the MTN Dome to raise awareness of our cause. We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded another stand this year again. (From the 6th to the 9th of March.) This has truly helped us to build some wonderful partnerships and friendships.

 During 2007 we served 5919 meals in Johannesburg CBD. A small number of children are included in this number, normally between 3 to 10 a week, and all normally under the age of 6. The adults are predominantly middle aged men with about 60% affected by HIV and AIDS. There is a smaller number of women about 5 to 10 a week who are being fed.

 We served 5808 meals in Eikenhof. These are all vulnerable children who are either victims of HIV/ AIDS and /or poverty. Many are from child-run households. The children vary in age but are anything from 2 years to 17 years of age, with the largest percentage of them being in the age group 6 to14.

 In total we distributed 113 food parcels, this was done over a short period of time and as finances permitted. The bulk was distributed in the abandoned buildings in Johannesburg CBD. The other point of distribution was made in Grasmere Informal Settlement. (In addition to lack of finances we have encountered other challenges there. See under “challenges” for further details).

 We have also distributed during the course of the year 625kg of high nutritional porridge, most of this in Johannesburg. In excess of 1300 loaves of bread were also given out over a 3 month period.

 We have donated large quantities of clothes (unfortunately no means to measure this was in place last year but has since been remedied so that accurate records can be kept). These clothes were distributed in Johannesburg CBD, Eikenhof, Grasmere and Vrededorp.

 We have distributed to the needy children a number of large boxes of toys which had been donated to us. Again no accurate record was kept. The bulk was distributed to the children in Eikenhof. In February another major donation of toys and clothes will be made to these children.

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