Report for 2009

We thank all who over the year donated clothes, food items, money and of their time to help us help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Without your help we would not have succeeded to do as much as we have done.

 We served over 6207 meals in Johannesburg City centre and in addition over 50 meals where served every Sunday to Vulnerable Children in Eikenhoff.

We also during the course of the year distributed 100s of food parcel to those in need. Many this was the only source of food that they had. Due to lack of funds we could not do more.

 We had 7 kids placed in school where the parents where financially unable to place them in school. (There is no free schooling in Johannesburg CBD) All our children did very well at school with one even receiving a reward at honours evening for academics. Afterwards he commented to us that we must tell his sponsors he is not wasting their money he is applying himself.

Our job creation program ran for the year on a very small scale. This was due largely to fnancial pressures on the Charity. Never the less they got some lucrative orders from Big Business with the Lion share going to the ladies doing the work.

Thank you again for your help and support over the year and look forward to your further help in 2010.

God bless,

Sonia Vosloo


We are pleased to advise that we have been sponsored an SMS number so that a R10 donation can be made via sms. All you need to do is simple SMS the word SIZA to 38002 and make a donation of R10.

Sms’s are charged at R10.