Our Uniqueness

What makes us unique is that we have a holistic approach to each and every individual. We do not just look at their practical needs but rather the complete need presented to us. Due to the partnership with Gospel Outreach we have 30 years of experience to draw from. Gospel Outreach has over the years dealt with, hardened criminals (some still on the run), victims of crime, HIV/ AIDS, addictions of all kinds and has consistently helped across the racial and cultural boundries. So we deal not only with practical needs but spiritual, emotional, interpersonal and psychological problems.

 Our modus operandi is also unique as it is based on a non confrontational and relationship building basis. We want to make a friend out of the person we are helping. When we win their friendship we win their confidence and trust, then success is sure to follow.

 These two issues make us unique and the people we help do not then feel merely, like a number, and therefore insignificant, but feel special, loved and it gives them a sense of human dignity.

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