Main Objectives

Its main objectives are to cater in every possible way for the social upliftment of those who are under-privileged within the republic of South Africa, irrespective of race or religion.  Attention is being given to provide food, clothing, basic medicines and other necessities of life to the homeless and unemployed.

 But special attention is being given to the wide spectrum of needs amongst our vulnerable children.  It is this which is posing its greater challenge to the Charity and carries with it the most heavy financial burden. 

             Its core objective is to answer the plight of the less fortunate individuals through a multi faceted approach that entails education, nutrition and health support, psycho-social support, spiritual support, training and social development. This is by and large targeted at the alleviation of poverty and addressing the detrimental effects of the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

             Our objective is to approach every individual as special and assess their needs holistically and not just the apparent needs of food and clothing.

             The achievement of these goals is largely dependent upon the cooperation of various organizations and individuals whose mandate and vision it is to make a difference in the community. It is in this respect that the Go Siza Isizwe has a pivotal role to play.

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