June News

Dear Friends, We are glad to report to you and give a few details of some of the activities over the past six months. Escalating expenses made it almost impossible for us to continue but we managed to secure a meaningful reduction in our lease rentals during April this year.  At the same time some meaningful contributions also came in since then for which we are very thankful.   We were once again allocated a sponsored stand at the Hobby-X Exhibition and certainly appreciate that public exposure that we had at that time and for privilege of sharing in such an event

Food, Clothes and Toys:

Because of the shortage of funds we could only start supplying meals from the end of April onwards and have till now provided about 500 meals. As to the distribution of food, clothes and toys we have had some very large special donations made to us and believe it or not we can report the following: 1). Food Distribution about 1.8 ton. 2). Distribution of clothes and toys over 2 tons. It must be appreciated how meaningful this has been even in a time when we were in somewhat of a financial crisis. 


Our Children:

At this point in time we still have 5 children sponsored to go to school on a monthly basis and we note with much thankfulness the faithfulness of our sponsors in making their regular contributions.  This investment in these few children has been a very, very meaningful one and only time will tell just how much it has meant in their young lives.  This also obviously addresses in a small part the social-economic problem of our City. 



 As is well known, we have our activities amongst the under-privileged and unemployed therefore we do whatever we can to provide practical help towards job facilitation.  The typing of Curriculum Vitae also continues as before as well as the faxing and e-mailing of the C.V.s.   Concerning job creation which we had to leave in abeyance for a short time, we have recommenced on a small scale but a sustained basis, looking to the future to develop this into something more meaningful and permanent in nature.  It is at this point providing employment, therefore, funds for those who would otherwise be without any means of income.



Tax Deductable:


Just a reminder that all donations made directly to the Charity are Tax Deductable and subject to annual audit.  Should you wish to make use of this Tax concession, please ask for a Tax Receipt when making a donation.




Once again our most sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed in one way or another towards the operation of this Charity in a very, very needy City.

With warm greetings,

Eddie Vosloo


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