July Newsletter

We are glad that we can give some insight into the less known activities of our charitable organization through which we seek to bring meaningful alleviation to the needy with whom we are in touch.

Caring for our Children

Thanks to the faithful support of 8 sponsors we are now able to sponsor 12 children in their school fees at a total monthly cost of R5000.  These are children closely associated with the central operation of Gospel Outreach.  Of course at the beginning of the year there is lways pressure on us to supply the children with uniforms and stationery and at the beginning of 2014 we were able to provide R5 200 for this in respect of these 12 children.

Additionally 2 of the children forced to live some distance away from the school they can attend and we are funding their bus transport at a weekly cost of R150.

The situation in Cosmos informal settlement is much more dire.  Thanks to a special donation we were able to supply 72 orphans with uniforms and stationery at the beginning of this year. Due to lack of funds, we cannot supply them with food more than once a week and that is around about R800.  The need here is extensive and the opportunities to help are many but our financial ability is entirely insufficient to meet these needs.

During the April holidays we had a Kid’s Club at Cosmos where 200-300 children (maximum 400) attended each day.  We provided them with refreshments at that time and were completely overwhelmed by their response and the demands that it placed on our financial resources.  As it is we plan another Kid’s Club during the July holidays where we shall be hosting a team of 32 young people from the United States to come and assist us.  We expect a very great response and even more children to attend than what we had to cope with during April.  We are trusting that there will be sufficient financial provision for this great challenge that is before us.

We also conduct a weekly Kid’s Club meeting at Germiston and here at present some 20/25 children are attending.  This is continuing to grow and we will also be utilizing the team of young people to assist us here with visitation and handling the activities.

We are in the midst of a situation where there are many orphan-run households and we cannot seek to be of spiritual assistance to them without having to see to their pressing material needs.  However, in this respect great limitations are resting on us because of financial constraints.

We have many more children in need. We are working with a day care in Germiston who are helping 5 orphans but are struggling to support them we are looking for funds to assist   further.

 Caring for Households

 At the moment we are caring for 7 households, providing food parcels on a monthly basis.  The size of the parcel is determined according to the number of members within the household, therefore costs vary accordingly.  These are households directly connected to our church operations and we do this on a strictly selective basis, in the light of disclosed of income and financial needs.  Again we are limited and at the moment we can spend no more than R2000 per month to bring some alleviation to these homes.


 We are consistently being faced by special needs as they arise, be it for clothing, food, blankets or accommodation for such matters no specific statistics are available because they are being dealt with on an adhoc basis.


 Our webpage is in need of updating and we are attending to this and hope to soon have up-to-date info, details to read and pictures for you to look at.

 Our Appreciation

 We certainly want to record our heartfelt appreciation.  We have donors that provide us special funding on a once-off basis and then we have those who give regular monthly support.  Without this assistance we certainly would not have been able to do what is being achieved right now.  Therefore, please receive our heartfelt appreciation extended to all those who have been able to assist us.

Donations have lagged somewhat this year and if you find your heart stirred to give whether regularly or on a once-off basis, we give you below details of our banking account.  Please note that all donations to this charity are tax deductible and upon request such suitable receipts will be issued to you.

With warm greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ.


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