Homeless and Unemployed



Feeding, clothing and basic medicines

 We provide a sit-down meal twice a week for adults and such children as they bring along. We currently feed on a Wednesday at 10:00 and a Thursday at 13:00.  For 2007 we supplied 5919 meals. The Wednesday meal, funds permitting, is a cooked meal and Thursday meals are normally only coffee and sandwiches. The numbers vary and is often subject to weather conditions.  For many of them this is the only food they get. The majority are adult middle aged men, with a small number of children under 6 years of age. There are also few women. It is sad to say that women pose a greater problem in the city than men. We find a higher level of alcoholism amongst them. This is a grave and tragic problem as they are often left with children from different men and when they are under the influence of alcohol, the children are neglected and left to fend for themselves.

 Currently we have about 20 – 30 people per week calling on us for clothing. We also supply very basic  medicines such as pain tablets, cold and flu medication as well as toilet and general washing soaps, and on occasion, candles.

             We adhere to strict code of conduct on our premises to enforce a self-discipline and to retain control. Most of these people live on the streets and therefore find no need to exercise self-control. So even through the feeding and help given we start teaching a certain ethic, life skill and this then forms part of the process which we use to rehabilitate and reintroduce them to society. On both days we feed we also deal with their spiritual needs. This has proved very beneficial as it is often arising from this that they come to us for counseling on many and varied problems. We deal with them on a one to one basis as far as possible and retain strictest confidence. As result we deal with crime, in many cases which the SAP never reaches and are able to help rehabilitate, which our prisons have failed to do.

 We are busy registering these people properly with ourselves. (Copy of registration form attached.) The aim is to get proper control and maintain proper records of how we have helped these individuals. We are also in negotiations with a similar organization in Nelspruit to share information who in turn are talking with Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town to share certain information. There is a movement amongst the homeless to these different cities during the course of the year. This will help us have up to date info on each person. (This system is still a long way off from being completed or implemented).

 The cost of feeding one person is R6-50 for Wednesday and R4-50 for Thursdays feeding. You are more than welcome to come and visit us.

 Current needs: Funds

                        Stove / Oven

                        Deep Freezer


                        Basic Medication

                        Food (rice, sugar, coffee , pap, veggies, chicken, mince, etc)




 Food Distribution

 We have been distributing food to “family units” which have made their home within the abandoned buildings in Johannesburg. We were supplying food, as funds permitted, to approximately 17 “families.” We meet with the people to build relationships and also to see if they have birth certificates and IDs. Many single parents have children who do not have birth certificates because the parent does not have any ID document. Then, because there is no ID document and no birth certificate, they cannot register for grants. In such cases there is a danger that the children do not get the basic supplies. So it is more than just giving food. We will continue, funds permitting supplying food parcels to these people, on the condition that they now apply / register with us so that we can assess and monitor their situation properly, and evaluate them more holistically.




 We generally act as a facsimile facility, post office as well as telephonists for those seeking employment.  Curriculum Vitae are produced in attractive format for job-seekers and these would average about 8 -12 per month. We have run training on how to conduct yourself in a job interview, how to seek a job. We also try prepare them for their first months pay. Many are only sober because there is no money.

 These are the basic activities being taken over from Gospel Outreach.



 Creation of Employment Opportunities

We have trained a small number of our people in beadwork as well as the making of small items such as fridge magnets, awards, presentation items. Presentation items are quite specialised.  Certain ladies have been trained in knitting and currently scarves are being produced.  The bulk of the money so earned goes toward supplying food in the homes of our workers, otherwise unemployed. We have through Idla Ubeka Agencies who has taken on the marketing of our products, supplied 3 shops on a consignment basis and should sales prove successful we will receive regular orders. They have so far ordered bags, greeting cards, and beaded pot stands.




 Ladies Meetings

 We gather ladies on a weekly basis to teach them to be virtuous women in all areas of their lives: personally, as a wife and homemaker, as a mother and as a friend and a family member.  Practical lessons are being given in cooking and baking, knitting, beadwork and sewing. 




 Life-Skills and addiction program

 Our aim is to re-integrate them into society, so that they can once again be contributing members of society. This is no small task. As a result all our plans and activities are aimed at teaching life-skills. (Such as punctuality, order, self-discipline, personal hygiene etc.) We also teach skills like: Money management, facing a Job interview, and even how to start your own business. We also run an addiction program based upon solid Christian principles. This addiction program is voluntary and is usually run once a week for approximately 1 to 2 hours at a time. The whole program can take up to 2 months to run. It is run about once a year unless there is a need for it to be run more often. It has proved successful. The common addiction is alcohol, drugs and gambling.

 We also offer personal counselling dealing with all kinds of problems. We deal with spiritual problems, interpersonal problems, emotional, criminal, as well as conflict management etc.


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