Gospel Outreach, an Incorporated Association not for Gain, operating in the centre of Johannesburg since 1978 has experienced increased demand for charitable help in respect of various social upliftment activities.  With many more such demands being made on it, it was decided to establish a separate independent public benefit organisation to address more effectively these social needs, commencing with the social upliftment activities already handled by Gospel Outreach.

 Go-Siza Isizwe is autonomous in pursuing the activities as described in this document, but there is still a continued oversight being exercised by Gospel Outreach.  Such activities will not be limited to the centre City of Johannesburg but as need and opportunity arise, extend even country-wide. 

 As far as possible its operations would always be executed along sound Biblical guidelines of conduct and integrity.

 We desire to operate from a firm foundation, particularly relative to the care extended to vulnerable children.  With this in mind we have gone to quite some lengths to obtain more information.  This was firstly done by discussion with parties already involved in such work.  Then followed a visit to Khayelisha Home Care in Tugela Ferry where they feed over 570 children together with another 270 care-givers. 

 This was followed by further discussions with certain local operatives and then a visit to similar operations in Nelspruit.

 Exploring the areas ourselves, we visited the Grasmere area on a few occasions meeting with families and many children.  Food parcels have been distributed and we are assisting with certain day care activities and recreational and developmental work among the children.  In the centre city we visit the flats as well as abandoned buildings where children and needy families are ensconced. 

 We recognise the need to build  sound proper relationships with the people to benefit from our action, while seeking to be properly acquainted with their domestic and family situation.

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