Future Plans

We have many different plans to develop the charity and its operation and also to address the many challenges we face. We do not intend to extend our operations further until these current activities are properly funded, manned and running smoothly.

 Our first plan is to actively pursue potential donors not only to sponsor a particular project, but also to sponsor the overheads so that a proper infrastructure can be established and which will ensure that the other projects can run smoothly.

 We have put together certain procedures we intend to follow to try counteract those who would try to abuse the charity. This involves that the person seeking help must register with the charity (Form 1 see attached). We then have an Assessment Interview, (Form 2 see attached) and then we visit the person where they stay, be it an abandoned building or shelter or even street corner. This does not include the children currently in Eikenhof. Before such measures could be implemented there, funding running into millions of Rands would be needed. After visiting the applicant a decision would be made on how to assist, now looking at the applicant holistically and not just the apparent need. Length and extent of help would be agreed upon with follow-up on all aspects done. (eg Have they found a job? What are they doing about it? Are they attending our life skills and addiction programs ?etc.)

 We also plan (desire) to get a ‘half way house’. In this ‘house’ we want to put up people who are getting their lives together and have managed to secure a job, thus giving them the opportunity to stay in the house for up to 3 months. This will help them make the transition from ‘night people’ to ‘day people’ and give them the opportunity to save up a deposit to be able to move into their own place. This will be very instrumental for these people to overcome the enormous challenges that they face.


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