July 2008


We give you below some crisp insight into the overall activities of GO Siza-Isizwe over the past six months:   Food Distributed

Plates of food served in our premises:  4519

Cans of coke handed out:  3000 (donated by Spar)

Dry soup distributed to camps for Xenophobia victims as well as in terms of our food distribution scheme to families:  96 kg

Food Parcels distributed to 11 families and other needy homes: 19.7 kg 

This was measured only from March to June but for the six months obviously much more was handed out).                                                                    

Clothing  We handed out clothes for adults as well as children in our premises to a total of: 341.7 kg             

Sponsorship of Children   We have been able to add two further sponsorships so that by now we are managing the sponsorship of six children who otherwise would not have been able to go to school. We hope to increase this number to 10 for this year and trust that more sponsors will come to the fore. We also cater for some of these children to come to us after school to assist them with their homework in instances where the parents cannot do it.  At the moment three of the children attend these classes      Hobby-X   We were once again invited to have a display of our activities at the Hobby-X Exhibition in the Dome at Randburg during March this year and can report that this was a good success.      Job -Creation

We have a small group of ladies doing knitting, beadwork as well as sewing and at the moment we are working on an order for 3500 items to be ready for Women’s Day.  Consequently there is quite a lot of pressure on us to finish these items of beadwork timeously. Developments are otherwise relatively slow but we are confident, as we are exploring different avenues and means of promoting this, this part of our activities will expand over time.   Personal Help

During the past six months we counseled no fewer than 147 people on different issues and were also able to draw up 22 CVs for job seekers.    Thanks    None of our activities would be possible without the generous and consistent support of individuals.  Certain businesses have lent us support and there are still certain proposals which are to be considered by other parties and to which we expect a response over the next few weeks. Our most sincere appreciation for your support.  Please be assured that funds donated to this Charity are meticulously recorded and applied so that we can give responsible account of all that has transpired in our activities.     With Warm Greetings in Jesus Christ,    

Eddie Vosloo